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Bringing religious perspectives to the present moment

The world is going through profound changes: technological, environmental, social, cultural, economic, philosophical, political, and religious. Minns Lectures reimagine the future of religious life and reconstruct theologies and practices to fit our changing world. 


Spirited discussions since 1941

With the first lecture by the Reverend Walton E. Cole on “Realistic Courage,” Minns Lectures established itself as an important forum for challenging perspectives in Unitarian Universalism. The lectures continue today as a source of theological and religious expression.

Minns Lectures are an annual series of lectures on religious topics conducted under the auspices of the Minns Lectures Committee, whose membership is composed of ministers and members of First Church Boston and King's Chapel in Boston.

History’s ways are strange indeed…


Living out the legacy of Susan Minns

Susan Minns, who died in 1938 at the age of 98, left an unusual legacy in her brother Thomas’ honor: Minns Lectures. 

Thomas Minns was an active member of First Church, and Susan an ardent supporter of King’s Chapel. In establishing Minns Lectures, Susan brought the two congregations together through a shared purpose: an annual series of lectures by Unitarian Universalist ministers on religious topics.

Susan Minns was a trailblazing scholar, philanthropist, art collector, biologist and one of the first women to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In addition to her many philanthropies, Susan Minns made noteworthy scientific contributions to the fields of hydrology, botany, entomology, and oceanography. Her body of work touches on some of the most significant issues of our time, like environmental stewardship and social justice. Through the thought-provoking, community-building work of Minns Lectures, the legacy of Susan and Thomas Minns lives on.


Meet the Minns Lectures Committee

The Rev. Dr. Stephanie May

Senior Minister, First Church Boston

Gary Riccio

King’s Chapel

Dr. Marc Loustau

Program Director, Minns Lectures

William Kuttner

King’s Chapel

The Rev. Dr. Sheldon Bennett

First Church Boston
Minister Emeritus, United First Parish Church

Corey Spaley

Treasurer, Minns Lectures
First Church Boston

The Rev. Joy Fallon

Senior Minister, King’s Chapel

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